As well as supporting education, research and scholarly publication on various aspects of Ireland’s historic houses and estates,  the CSHIHE also aims to secure and enhance the public appreciation of Ireland’s built heritage and landscapes. To this end, the CSHIHE organises a variety of events which provide appropriate learning environments for all interested in the preservation and development of the built heritage and landscapes of Ireland. The general objectives of these events are:

  • To provide recognition for new scholarship and other developments in the field
  • To disseminate relevant new information into the public domain
  • To provide appropriate forums for all interested parties to meet and debate
  • To consolidate collaborative links with relevant organisations and bodies in Ireland and overseas

Events to date have included tours, lectures, seminars, and conferences. While some of these events are aimed particularly at those working in the historic house sector, a very diverse range of people typically attend events organised by the CSHIHE including members of the public with a general interest, academics, scholars and researchers in various subject areas, public body representatives, public and private house proprietors, cultural and heritage tourism providers, historic house managers, curators, guides, administrators, marketing personnel, heritage and education professional as well as architects, landscape gardeners, horticulturalists, musicians, writers, food historians etc. The CSHIHE perceives its educational role as being pivotal in the consolidation of an appreciation of the built heritage and landscapes of Ireland amongst a very broad cross-section of Irish and international society.

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