Irish Landed Estates, Rentals and Maps Project

In October 2011 the CSHIHE in collaboration with the National Library of Ireland began working on a project examining sources that are among the most underutilised resources within the Library’s collections. Yet, these rentals and mapped surveys are among the most significant sources for Ireland’s social history, genealogical studies and the history of cartography.

The project had three aims: to provide a report on the range of rentals and mapped surveys contained within the Library’s landed estates collections; to create detailed, electronic catalogue records in relation to the material that was assessed; and to prioritise material for digitisation. Given the innumerable records lost following the destruction of the Four Courts in 1922, these rentals and maps provide a very tangible record of individuals and families in pre-1850 Ireland.

Now that electronic catalogue records capturing the full detail of the rentals and mapped surveys have been created, the true value of these sources can be appreciated.

For more information check out the NLI catalogue here  and search for 'Rental'. Here is an example from the Mansfield Estate Papers