Morpeth Roll and CSHIHE feature on RTÉ's History Show 13 May 2012

Featuring Dr Patrick Cosgrove, Dr Terence Dooley and Prof. Christopher Ridgway of the CSHIHE, Paul Hoary of the Russell Library NUI Maynooth and Brian Crowley of the Pearse Museum, Dublin.


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A Tale of Two Boxes

Ronan Kelly told the story of two historic boxes.

One was owned by two-year old toddler, Barbara McDonagh (daughter of the late Thomas McDonagh) in Ireland. The other, was owned by Lord Morpeth, one of the most powerful men in England. He was chief secretary of Ireland until 1841. As a parting gift, his supporters gathered 200,000 signatures and presented them to him on a continuous roll. One box has a story of great hope, the other of great tragedy. They marked two deeply emotional periods in Irish history. Barbara McDonagh's box of shells is now on display in Kilmainham Jail. It's planned that the Morpeth Roll will go on display in 2013 in time for The Gathering.

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